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EVENT: InnerSynastry—Harmonics of the soul

NOTE POST-EVENT: You can still try out InnerSynastry in individual or group sessions. See www.innersynastry.com

Asheville Sound Healing Meditation Series at UNC-Asheville presents:

InnerSynastry: Harmonics of the soul
Balancing all aspects of self with sounds of the celestial cycles
With Megan Riley

Thursday, February 15
3:30 to 5:00 p.m.
UNCA-Sherrill Center Health and Wellness Department
Room 468

Download the flyer here.

Event is free to UNCA campus community and open to general public with donation. Please RSVP to info@wncmretc.com or 828.333.4151 by February 14. For maximum benefit, a personalized service for $15 is highly recommended. Please see below.

Our aim is balance on this rather intense day of a solar eclipse in Aquarius—at the very opposite degree of the “Great American Eclipse” in Leo last August. So if you felt a shift in your life back then, this Aquarian eclipse may be related. It’s about making sure the passions of our hearts are aligned with society’s needs, and is a prime time to gain insights about new structures and systems for the benefit of all.

We’ll listen to sounds associated with key planets that are affected by the eclipse. Using the law of octave, mathematicians have determined frequencies for each of the planets. It is possible to convert the whole solar system into sound based on an equation that uses the elliptical orbits of planets. Megan has discovered that she can play these planet frequencies, in varying volumes and combinations depending on what is going on in the sky now and at the time of the person’s birth, to help bring balance to the person’s life.

All you do is sit in complete receptivity, with attention on your breath while Megan DJs the sounds. At the minimum, participants report calming sensations and a meditative experience that is deeper, visual and less filled with mental chatter than when sitting alone. At the most, they experience major positive changes in their lives or deep purges soon following sessions. Still others gain valuable insight in their next direction in life. Each person’s reaction is very unique, but the aim is increased balance. Considering no other astrologer or sound healer (that we know of) is using these frequencies in such a unique combination, InnerSynastry is indeed experimental but at the very least intriguing.

Megan draws on five years of study in astrology, as well as her experience as the owner of a plant nursery—caring for thousands of babies, each with their unique needs; and making slight adjustments to their environment based on their feedback. That is essentially what she is doing with InnerSynastry—adjusting conditions ever so subtly so that people can grow to their full potential.

This event is sponsored by UNCA Health and Wellness Department and Ashevillesoundhealing.com.

Personalized service for Feb. 15 event

We've found that in group settings participants have varying reactions based on their relationships with the planets, which we can discuss if we have your birth chart. This service also helps ensure that the experience is as comfortable as possible for your unique disposition.

Please send to info@wncmretc.com your birth information (date, time, and place you were born) so we can discuss why the sounds of the planets have a unique effect on you. Go to our online store to contribute $15 for this personalized service.

What does InnerSynastry mean?

Synastry is a chart that astrologers create to explain the dynamics between two people with the aim of helping them understand each other to become better companions. InnerSynastry is about becoming better companions with ourselves.

On a deeper level, as we become more and more aware that we are all intimately connected subconsciously, to say that any of us have a birth chart that is separate from others is only half the truth. When we harmonize our own inner dynamics, we are in fact working on our synastry, i.e. our relationships, with all who surround us.

Astrology is simply a language for describing the seasons in an extremely complex and in-depth way, well beyond spring, summer, fall and winter. In gaining a feel for the “seasons” we were born in as well as the ones we’re currently in, we can better understand ourselves as well as find more grace and ease. With the use of sound, InnerSynastry can be useful to all types of people, regardless if they resonate with astrology. The point of this work is to help clients transition to a society that favors balance, equity and harmony.

Megan also offers individual sessions in person if you're in the Asheville area or via video if not. Contact info@wncmretc.com or 828.333.4151 to inquire about scheduling an appointment. We're currently offering a special of 3 sessions for $75.